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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 9 "Reunion"

    Do you think that Mama Jones and Chrissy will have words? Will Olivia talk some smack to Somaya after "December" trounced "Would You Still Love Me" on the charts? Will Maurice dare show his face?
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 8 "Me Against The Jonese...

    Jim takes Chrissy out for a night on the town to reconnect after the whirlwind proposal. Chrissy wants to talk about a marriage plan but Jim isn't interested in thinking about the future. He plays Chrissy the song he recorded for her, but she's not impressed. The sentiment is nice but she wants to know where this relationship is going! Somaya and Maurice are in the studio and Rich storms...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 7 "Hold You Down"

    Chrissy pops the question and Jim says "I'm with you." Momma Jones is pissed about the secret proposal and storms out! The next day, Chrissy goes to confront Momma Jones about her antics and tensions flare. Nancy is still tight about being excluded from the process and reveals that she doesn't think Chrissy is "the one for Jim"! Later, Chrissy presses Jim on wedding plans, but Jim is in ...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 6 "Proposal"

    Chrissy reveals to Olivia that she's going to propose to Jim! She's tired of waiting and is ready for the next of their relationship. Not only is she going to pop the , she's going to do it with a sexy burlesque routine! Rich has a plan for getting Olivia a new deal: a listening party. He sets up a showcase for industry insiders to see Olivia perform her new material. The stakes are high...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 5 "A Voice"

    Olivia works on new material in the studio. Her manager Rich tells her that she has to work hard to convince people that she's more than "the girl that was with 50 Cent". Olivia is frustrated that people don't believe in her and she tearfully breaks down. Mashonda's ex, producer Swizz Beats just married Alicia Keys, so Emily offers her support. Emily acknowledges the rumors that Fab is w...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 4 "Aftermath"

    is hot about the sh*t that Maurice was talking on the boat. She thinks he needs to be checked, so she calls Jim. While Rich, Olivia, Somaya and Maurice are having drinks, Jim storms in and drags Maurice outside! A terrified Maurice is forced to apologize to the camera! After the smoke settles, Maurice is upset that Somaya didn't have his . He is still shook and living in fear. Can he con...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 3 "The Yacht"

    Emily confronts Olivia about the Darrell situation. Olivia is pissed that Emily went to Darrell behind her back. Emily tries to smooth things out but Olivia flips the script and digs in on Emily's relationship with Fab. Chrissy and Emily go to see Somaya perform at Love Jones. They are not impressed! Chrissy tells Jim that Somaya needs to practice and advises against working with her; Ji...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 2 "Birtrhday"

    Olivia told Chrissy and Emily that she's dating New York Jet, Darrell Revis. But Emily has a secret: She's Darrell's stylist and she doesn't think he and Olivia are dating! In a meeting with Darrell, Emily asks him about the relationship. He says they're not dating and he hasn't seen Olivia in months! Somaya needs to make some money, so her manager Maurice sets up a photo shoot. Maurice ...
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  • Love & Hip Hop ~ Season 1 - Episode 1 "Love & Hip Hop"

    West Coast rapper Somaya Reece arrives in New York to take her career to the next level. She's hungry and ready to grind! Somaya meets with rapper Jim Jones who agrees to collaborate. Emily gets together with Mashonda, the ex-wife of super producer Swizz Beats. Mashonda's situation has Emily contemplating the future of her relationship with Fab and she breaks down. Its ' night out! Chris...
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