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Social Comments and Spam Reports!
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26 October 2020

One more long-awaited update for our users! We are taking the first huge step towards socialization of VentLyfe and spam protection - we are launching a new free comment system via social networking accounts that is now activated, and a spam filter.

How do comments look on a website?

It's pretty simple - log in with your social account, post a comment and it will be marked with the icon of the selected social network and your avatar.

Subscription. Sharing. Anonymity.

After you log in via any social network, you will see the comment settings.

Anti-spam System

Now each user can mark comments  as spam, and moderators/admins can view spam reports, mark posts as not spam, and delete/deactivate them. These features are now available globally among VentLyfe.

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Khlovesyou1116 • 2.41 AM, 14 December 2016
Where is married to medicine episodes smile !? Can you please upload them