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Release of Social Bar!
Rating: 5.0/6
26 October 2020

Social Bar is a handy tool that allows visitors to share & bookmark pages on VenLyfe quickly and easily.

  • The bar can be minimized/maximized in one click!

It doesn't take much space - collapsed or expanded.

  • Social Bar has a search field!

If necessary, you can search VentLyfe for a specific page right from the social bar. (Note: If you're searching for a video, you have to straight to the Video Hub and search from there because videos are not included in site search.)

  • Add pages to bookmarks and read pages in a convenient format!

With the help of the service READABILITY, visitors will be able to add website pages to bookmarks and get back to them later, turns VentLyfe into clean reading view, send pages to e-readers and send them to print.

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